For more information, I have a package for $70 (plus shipping, if over $5), comprising:
  • Electronic copies (.jpg and .tif files) of many of the detail drawings I made for the construction of the Shrike. That is, the overall chassis drawing, all the suspension parts, most of the fiddly bits that I had to have machined or welded up in order to get a rolling chassis on the ground. From there, much detail work was done by the usual hand sketches and arm waving, things like brackets to mount lights, belts, shifter, cables, master cylinders and the like.
  • Electronic copies (on CD) of all the photos taken during and after construction, about 200 or so.
  • Electronic copy of the SAE Technical Paper I wrote and presented to SAE is 1982 on the design of the Shrike.
  • A text document discussing the design elements in much more detail.
  • An AutoCAD (.dwg) file of the design layout for Shrike II, which is the second generation vehicle using the same chassis, much more power, and a finished body.
  • Electronic copies of all detail drawings and layouts of Shrike II as they are completed.
  • A copy of a planned video tour of the completed Shrike II, with running commentary on the design elements involved.
  • A complete manual and drawing package for Shrike II, IF I ever get around to making such a thing.
  • Free advice on the way, so long as no drawings or calculations are involved.
  • Design consultation at $50/hr, for more significant work.
  • What you DON'T get is a step-by-step, walk-you-through the construction, user-friendly manual of the sort you might buy for less money from Mechanics Illustrated (for instance).
Last thought:

I strongly encourage anyone contemplating building their own Shrike to get and study my friend Kurt Bilinski's excellent book Kimini. In my opinion, this is the best single source of useful information for someone setting out to design and build their own 3-wheeled sports car.  While Kimini is written about four-wheeled cars, the I find the data and resources concerning front suspension geometry, chassis design and overall project philosophy to be of more value to the prospective builder than the information presented on my CD.  My data deals more with the unique aspects of 3-wheeler design.  For more info on Kimini (the book and the car) see:

Even if you decide not to purchase my info package, I urge you to consider buying Kurt's book. You'll be glad you did!


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