Rest In Peace, Shrike

Mr. Shrike, 1983-2013.

Norton Shrike, aged 30 years, passed away at 2:37 PM, February 14, 2013 in Grants Pass, Oregon. Mr. Shrike was conceived, born and reared in San Diego, California in 1983, and has resided in La Mesa, Mira Mesa and Temecula, CA until his relocation to his last residence in Rogue River, Oregon in 2007. During his career he performed in 39 shows across the Pacific Coast, earning 20 awards, and enjoyed a brief racing career including events in Carlsbad and Willow Springs, CA, and Medford, OR. During his many adventures he had travelled a total of 15,000,219 miles, and from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA.

Autopsy shows a severe degenerative congenital failure of the rostral terminus of the medial frame rail at the juncture of the distal end of the caudal primary conjunctive element due to undiagnosed severe internal ferrous degeneration. Said degeneration is attributed to the unexplained failure to exclude external fluids from internal passages during the prenatal period. Historical data indicates two previous occurances of similar failures in less critical locations. These instances were noted but considered to be ideopathic.

Death occurred instantaneously while Mr. Shrike was being transported across a macadam surface at a velocity of approximately 2 mph coincidental with the application of maximum steering lock. Mr. Shrike is survived by father David Norton and mother Necessitiy, and by two known illegitimate offspring, one residing in Manitoba Canada and the other in central Connecticut. Lineage has been traced to scion Morgan Trike of Worchester England in 1910. In addition, physiologic similarities indicate a high probability of evolutionary progression to at least two presumed progeny, C. A. Spyder and T. Rex, both of central Canada. This conjecture is unsupported due to the lack of independent DNA studies.

Services for the deceased will be held at an undisclosed time and location. Various organs will be removed and placed into a condition of stasis pending transplant to deserving recipients. The eternal rusting place to be on a sylvan hillside in Rogue River, Oregon overlooking his last residence, BillyGoat Mountain Ranch. Interment provided by John Deere.

The Shrike is dead. Long live the Shrike. May you Rust In Piece. Dave Norton ©2016

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